European networks for Green Transition of Manufacturing SMEs 

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Last Wednesday the 4th of May, DUTIREG, as part of DIH-World, held an online event about Digital Innovation by European Networks for the Green Transition of Manufacturing SMEs, moderated by Tamas Gyulai In it, Emad Yaghmaei of YAGHMA, one of TetRRIS’ project partners, presented on Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) by European cooperation, explaining its main principles and scope. 

During his presentation he expressed that RRI emerged from the need to increase the understanding of the relationship between corporate governance, sustainability and sustainable development. Moreover, he also mentioned the key role that science and technology are playing in European societies nowadays and the vital importance of bringing more democracy and citizen engagement into it.  

From his experience with YAGHMA, Emad highlighted that implementing Responsible Research and Innovation is a path, not an isolated event. In this line, he argued that RRI needs a common disclosure set and practical guidance to report on the RRI, including social issues.  

In the case of a project, such as TetRRIS, this is a key point in the overall final goal to provide clear evidence with real examples as to how RRI can contribute to the improvement of regional Smart Specialisation Strategies.  

Emad advocated for the need to embed more responsibility principles into innovation practice. This needs to be set with guidelines and guidance on how to report RRI, as it isn’t happening consistently. It is very important that RRI-related projects like TetRRIS create a long and productive journey towards an effective implementation of its core principles (gender equality, science education, ethics…). 

On the other hand, Emad explained how the Responsibility Challenge can inspire innovation and can be very helpful for organizations. For example, he emphasised how RRI can help reducing risks and costs from companies and public entities, attract passionate and committed the best talent or even create a whole competitive advantage from it.  

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