How I’ve created the TetRRIs Logo

Written by Morgana

24 June 2024

Scattered elements merged together to create a defined shape with a concrete meaning.

Like bricks in the well-known video game called Tetris®, each piece sticks together perfectly showing the goal of our challenge. We can combine each piece creating infinite patterns and textures to represent the wide range of applications.

Built from pixels and parts, this approach suggested that the final logo might be a changeable thing, rebuilt for each project as necessary.

A colorful palette emphasises the concept of multipurpose projects with various aspects and shades.

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I live and work in Florence but despite being surrounded by Renaissance buildings, monuments and masterpiece, I usually have been inspired by a more global view of advertising and design. I'm not envolved with fads, I prefer to spot the patterns of a new trend. I love colors, the minimalist elegance of geometric shapes and the awesomeness of photography. I think I've just not past my prime and I love to feed my fantasy with images and colors that are food for thoughts.

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