Territorial Responsible
Research and Innovation and
Smart Specialisation

TetRRIS takes 4 regions/territories, their policymakers and stakeholders, on a journey through pilot experiments in Responsible Research and Innovation and Smart Specialisation. For tetRRIS, four pilot regions Tampere (FI); Karlsruhe (DE), Cantabria (ES), Szeged-Timisoara (RO/HU) have been selected and are central to the scientific research and associated policy recommendations seeking to address societal challenges at the local level.

In a nutshell, as theoretically the pilot regions are the space where R&I activities produce actual innovation, the project will support its pilot regions to make RRI integration possible within R&I territorial governance (Smart Specialisation). Overall, this approach aiming to ready regions for RRI integration in their TRISs, will be replicable and replicated to actors wider than the project regions through awareness raising and policy recommendations.”

Our partners

VTT (Finland)

Pirkanmaan Liitto (Finland)

Yaghma (Netherlands)

Fraunhofer ISI (Germany)

Technology Region Karlsruhe (Germany)



EURADA (Belgium)

DARINNO (Hungary)

News & Events

TetRRIS Winter School | Santander

TetRRIS Winter School | Santander

The second session of the TetRRIS Policy lab also known as “TetRRIS Winter School” took place in Santander on 9 and 10 February 2023. This was the second session of the lab after the first one held in Brussels, at the EURADA facilities. On this occasion, the session...

TetRRIS Foresight workshop by VTT and DARINNO in Szeged 

TetRRIS Foresight workshop by VTT and DARINNO in Szeged 

The TetRRIS workshop on regional foresight was organised by VTT and DARINNO together therefore it has been a cooperative action of the Tampere and Szeged-Timisoara regions. The workshop was held on the 8th December 2022 as a physical event on two locations: the first...