Project Results

Here you can find tetRRIS’ public deliverables. This section will be regularly updated: resources will be published online as soon as available.


The document sets out the core theoretical framework of the tetRRIS project. The core objective of tetRRIS is to to support four European pilot territories in integrating Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) practices into their local/regional innovation systems and development approaches. To do so, tetRRIS draws on concepts from the literatures on Regional Innovation Systems (RIS) and Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI/RI). 

Deliverable 2.1

The tetRRIS project seeks to initiate pilot activities to strengthen local RRI practice in four European territories (Tampere Region in Finland, Karlsruhe Technology Region in Germany, Cantabria in Spain, and Csongrád-Csanád County in Hungary). As a first step in this process, the consortium partners prepared short reports on the different territories, to map the structure of the local territorial innovation systems, and the extent and nature of any pre-existing RRI (or RRI-like) activities found within them.


Deliverable 2.2



Deliverable 3.1


The following report includes four reports on region-specific challenges and identified areas for joint action (deliverable 3.1). Based on the mapping reports for each pilot territory (deliverable 2.2), respective literature review, interviews with regional experts and a first round of workshops, the objective of the report is to elaborate region-specific issues and challenges with a connection to RRI that could be addressed in the following pilot activities.




Deliverable 3.2


This deliverable presents regional work plans for the advancement and uptake of responsibility and sustainability related targets and practices in regional policies and processes in our pilot regions: Cantabria, Karlsruhe, Tampere, and Szeged-Timisoara. In this process we have translated regional actors’ practical concerns into RRI related actions. The document presents what will be done to address territorial uptake of RRI in the context of ongoing or yet to be started activities in the pilot regions.

Communication and  strategy 

This is deliverable 7.1, which outlines the overall communication and distribution plan for the tetRRIS – Territorial Responsible Research and Innovation and Smart Specialization – H2020 project. tetRRIS ‘ communication and dissemination efforts will set the path for successful utilization of the project’s achievements by individual partners at the project level. The distribution operations will deliver personalized information tailored to the requirements of the target user, allowing them to make use of the tetRRIS project’s results. 

The content production work for the tetRRIS website will be detailed in this deliverable. The website has a main page, information about the project, partners engaged, pilot regions, news and events, and contact information. Numerous versions of the website will be published in the latest update, with material generated updates for several sections of the tetRRIS project’s website.  

Deliverable 7.1

Project website

deliverable 7.2 


deliverable 8.1

The purpose of this work plan is to offer the partners of the project in a short and “easy to digest” form all the essential information on the project, partners, management practices and other operational procedures as well as meetings and timetables. It is usual, for instance, that in the due course of time some agreed ways to proceed are forgotten if they are not in regular use, or just simply so that information is challenging to find from the DoA, GA, meeting minutes, and deliverables


Deliverable 8.2

This document is a living document, thus it will be updated in the course of
the Project when required. Some issues which will be addressed in this data
management plan need further discussion with TetRRIS Steering Group (SG) and
approval by them. A complete list of these issues will be provided in the table 2. Any changes to the Data Management Plan will be communicated and introduced in the next iteration of the document.