Pilot 4 – Szeged Timisoara Region

Unique within TetRRIs, the fourth pilot region brings together The Hungarian-Romania ‘dual’ region of Szeged-Timisoara.

These two entities are combined as they are bordering territories where clear synergies can be shared in research and industry.

Unlike Pilot Regions 1-3, Szeged-Timisoara will be focused exclusively on learning taking from the project’s discoveries with a view to moving the region gradually towards beginning the process of integration of RRI in local development and innovation for the sustainablee construction and creative industries.



TalentMagnet through the TetRRIS project aims to address one of the biggest challenges facing the Szeged-Timisoara region today: the outmigration of highly educated young people. To overcome this, the region participates in the European DIH-World project, which aims at accelerating the uptake of advanced digital technologies by European manufacturing SMEs in all sectors and supporting them in building sustainable competitive advantages and reaching global markets strengthening the capacities of regional Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs), particularly in underrepresented regions across Europe. 
Within the context of TalentMagnet, this is what has been accomplished so far: 

  • A short presentation about RRI and TetRRIS for the TalentMagnet partnership through the TalentMagnet steering meeting in Nyíregyháza, Hungary: 
  •  Raising awareness of RRI within TalentMagnet: 
  • Invite TalentMagnet key persons to main TetRRIS activities to strengthen cooperation and get more support 
  • Involving RRI keys and dimensions in the deliverables 

In the upcoming period it is foreseen to meet up with the following objectives:  

  • Involving RRI keys and dimensions into the TalentMagnet deliverables, such as Urban hackathon 
  • Organising voluntary interactive RRI training for TalentMagnet partners with TetRRIS experts 
  • Creating RRI-related visuals (infographics, animations, leaflets) 
  • Helping trained partners start to use RRI thinking during their work 
  • Ask TalentMagnet partners to distribute the importance of RRI among their stakeholders 
  • Brain-Drain working group between Szeged-Timisoara and Cantabria pilot regions 
And this is what is foreseen to be done in the following period of the project: 

  • Organizing voluntary interactive RRI training for DIH World partners with TetRRIS experts 
  • Integrating RRI in regional innovation services by DIH Business Plan 
  • Creating RRI-related podcasts and video material with easy-to-understand key RRI messages and advantages 
  • DIH-World partner clusters shall distribute information materials about the RRI among their members followed by structured online discussions (Distribution / Jan.-March 2022) 
  • Collaboration between Digital Innovation Hubs in the Szeged-Timisoara region and the Tampere pilot region 
  • Collaboration between DIH World and the Karlsruhe Technology Region: 
  • DIH-World partner clusters will be invited to TetRRIS activities to continue and strengthen regional involvement in transnational cooperation 
  • S3 training with RRI in focus – practical online education to cluster managers and economic development professionals from September 2022 
  • Integrating RRI in European DIH cooperation between Szeged and Timisoara – cross-border concept and pilot implementation November 2022 
  • RRI community of professionals – supporting RRI with knowledge and experience generated by TetRRIS partners. Start of networking function from 2023 

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