Pilot 1 – Tampere Region 

The Finnish region of Tampere has a high level of economic development impact in Finland and beyond. 


The Council of Tampere Region (Pirkanmaan liitto in Finnish) acts as regional development and regional planning authority for the municipalities in the region. It also promotes the region and has a broad scope of non-statutory activities and operations, which are defined and emphasised by the special characteristics of the region. Although land-use planning is one of the Council’s priorities, innovation activities and future well-being of the region are equally important for the Council.

 The Council is involved in developing EU regional policy and draw up the programmes required for the granting of support from EU structural funds for their own regions and in part they also implement them. The Council is responsible for Regional Development Strategy and Smart Specialization Strategy.




Tampere is a region with a highly specialised industrial profile in technology, as well as in industrial manufacturing and ICT (Information and Communication Technology). In this way, this Finnish region intends to incorporate the development and innovation system promoted by the TetRRIs project to germinate the traditional manufacturing industry. Likewise, the region aims to emphasise ethical, ecological and social values, thus promoting the integration of these into the innovation activities within the region.  

As for the objectives of this pilot region within the project, it is based on actions for the promotion of sustainability transition and the integration of RRI within the regional innovation ecosystem. Two main spearheads lead Tampere’s strategy: a great engagement on the regional development processes as well as the manufacture of industry ecosystem and processes.

To date, three main objectives have been achieved within the region:  

  • Firstly, the Regional Development Program projected within Tampere’s Strategic Plan was completed. This pilot action consisted of the intertwining with already ongoing Regional Development Program processes through the enhancement of RRI by the use of dialogue between regional actors together with the promotion of open access and inclusivity between different ecosystems.  
  • Secondly, the connection between the two pilot spearheads is a mean to create greater opportunities, develop different initiatives and recognize new objectives. Tampere’s region organised the “Our Common Responsible and Sustainable Future: Co-creating a future vision through the upcoming Regional Development programme and Smart Specialization” workshop on the 24th of August 2021 and aimed to meet the proposed objectives.  
  • Finally, the partnership with the SPRINT Innovation Festival 2021. The results brought up from the festival will further be utilised within the regional manufacturing industry system. 

Consequently, the upcoming period of the project will aim to achieve the following pilot actions:  

  • The co-creation of a two-day long event together with Ekothon2. 
  • The RRI Roundtable initiative is a pilot action for the connection of projects to address responsibility and sustainability issues within the region.  
  • The creation of a Corporate Responsibility Accelerator Hub. 
  • The deployment of the SPRINT Innovation Festival solutions. 
  • The regional exchange with Karlsruhe Technology region.  
  • The strengthening of the regional strategies. 

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