TetRRIS 2nd Policy Lab: How does RRI contribute to the reorientation of Smart Specialisation Strategies towards sustainability? 

Don’t miss our imminent event, the TetRRIS Second Policy Lab that will take place on the 9th and 10th of February at the Magdalena Palace, in Santander

The main objective of this event is to address how RRI contributes to the reorientation of Smart Specialisation Strategies towards sustainability, along the same lines as the first of our policy labs. We would like to address how the RRI can contribute to economic growth through the actual regional strategies that the pilot regions of the project have followed throughout the last years of the TetRRIS project.   

The intention is to explore different regional innovation systems by identifying the potentials and possibilities of RRI for S3 reorientation through an exchange of dialogue between different stakeholders within the RRI world. 

At this occasion, and for the very first day, the event will feature keynote addresses by Edurne A. Iñigo from the University of Deusto on “Responsible transitions to sustainability: challenges, opportunities and the role of regions”, followed by Mario Pansera from the University of Vigo on “The role of Responsible Innovation in a Just transition to Circular Economy”. For the send day, Richard Tuffs from Friends of Smart Specialisation (as an expert on Smart Specialisation and as part of the current Advisory Board Member of the TetRRIS team) will address “Smart Specialisation in transition for place-based transformative innovation”. 

The event will also feature Practitioners Panels on “Ethics, Sustainability and Welfare” as well as on “Engagements, Transformations and Transitions” with many other experties on the issue. 

The event will be held in person as well as online so don’t hesitate to register and take part of this upcoming initiative. Register here!

Download here the final agenda of the event.

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