TetRRIS expands its formats of dissemination: new interview videos are now available! 

Written by Maria Gomez-Etxebarria

30 May 2023

As the TetRRIS project comes to an end in a few months, the project consortium, led by EURADA, the collaborating partner in charge of the communication and dissemination of the project, has created a series of thematic and regional videos in the form of interviews. The purpose is to give visibility to the project on the most relevant topics and on the work being done in the four pilot regions involved. 

The idea for the videos came during the brainstorming on dissemination that took place at the October consortium meeting, with the intention of expanding our dissemination formats. The reasoning behind the production of these videos was to convey the results obtained over the years that TetRRIS has been operating. In a visual and more interactive way, we wanted to show the outcomes that the regions have acquired and the experiences they have learned from the transboundary collaboration in relation to the pillars of the project: Responsible Research and Innovation – RRI and Smart Specialisation Strategy – S3. 

During the second TetRRIS Policy Lab, organised in February 2023 in the amazing location of Magdalena Palace in Santander, Cantabria, Spain, we were able to record several videos together with our project partners, and all this has led to the production of the result that we will be sharing through different platforms and social networks. 

We count on the participation of several project partners from each of the regions, ranging from coordinators to scientific partners: Mika Nieminen, Emad Yaghmaei, Petra Jung-Erceg, Lukas Kurzmann, Ignacio Abaitua, Nina Rilla and Raluca Cibu Buzac collaborated with EURADA by answering a series of questions. A total of 8 videos were made: 4 thematic videos tackling the most relevant pillars related to the project topics; as well as 4 regional videos showcasing the experience of the 4 regions in TetRRIS’ 3-year journey. 

On the one hand, the thematic videos include a single question that was proposed to the attendees and were thought of as pills of knowledge to be shared. Regarding the eligibility of the topics, we chose the following four: Interregional Cooperation, Smart Specialisation, Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) and Sustainability. They represent the pillars that TetRRIS has been promoting over the last few years, as it is a project developed in an intra-regional territory, where the focal points include RRI and S3, which is recently being complemented by the concept of sustainability (i.e., Smart Specialisation Strategy for Sustainable and Inclusive Growth – S4). 

On the other hand, the regional videos, longer and more comprehensive, were inspired by the impact stories shared by the regions’ representatives during the first TetRRIS Policy Lab held in Brussels in October 2022. As a result, the idea was to create short videos highlighting the work, challenges, and successes of the project topics in each region. Different points of view emerged during the interviews and several similarities, can be heard in the following video below. 

Don’t forget to check the EURADA YouTube channel to see all the videos in the TetRRIS playlist.   

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