TetRRIS Foresight workshop by VTT and DARINNO in Szeged 

Written by Gyulai Tamás

24 June 2024

The TetRRIS workshop on regional foresight was organised by VTT and DARINNO together therefore it has been a cooperative action of the Tampere and Szeged-Timisoara regions. The workshop was held on the 8th December 2022 as a physical event on two locations: the first part was organised in the main building of the University of Szeged and the second part was held at the ELI Research Centre within the Science Park in Szeged. Participants of the event came mainly from the university and industrial clusters active in the region within the ICT and photonics sector.  

The event started with the presentation of Mika Nieminen about the RRI and the connected strategies among the companies in Finland. The next speaker was Emad Yaghmaei who described the RRI keys and their applications in practice. The Hungarian speakers from the University of Szeged presented the innovation landscape of the region and described the current strategy and action line that the university implements to become an “engaged entrepreneurial university”. The morning part of the event concluded with group work that helped the participants to formulate their ideas about the future application of RRI in the Szeged-Timisoara region. 

The second part of the event was organised at the ELI Research Centre because it is the key infrastructure within the Science Park in Szeged. The group work continued in the afternoon and the participants formulated strategic areas of RRI activities as future actions within the TetRRIS project. One example was the „responsibility accelerator” function which has already been tested as an experimental service by VTT in 2022 and therefore DARINNO intends to implement it in the first months of 2023 in the region of Szeged.  

The involvement of the stakeholders from Timisoara was also discussed and therefore an online discussion was held on the following day with the municipality of Timisoara. The interest of the Romanian partners was confirmed and joint implementation of the responsibility accelerator as cross-border sustainability action for companies was agreed upon. 

The conclusions of the foresight workshop have contributed to the strategic planning made by the regional stakeholders in the Szeged-Timisoara region and therefore it can be considered a practical outcome of the knowledge transfer activities of the TetRRIS project. 

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