TETRRIS Kicks Off, October 2020

In October 2020, TetRRIS and its partners from Finland, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Hungary  formally kicked off their activities. At the TetRRIS kick-off meeting, which took place during three days, project partners focused on e-introducing themselves and began to formally structure the activities and ways of working for the next three years.

Getting to grips with the beginning of a European research and innovation programme at a project level, project partners heard from Mika Niemmann (lead coordinator at VTT). Following this introductory overview from VTT, the European Commission’s project officer for TetRRIS offered their perspectives and guidance about the programme, call and the project itself.  

From formal introductions to informal ones, project partners were then able to meet each other and introduce themselves with project partner team presentations. From the very beginning, TetRRIS aims, as far as possible in today’s purely online setting, to go some way to replicate the coffee break discussion which are so vital to creating synergies and scientific exchange.  

After introductory presentations came detailed and actionable collaboration between project partners. Work Packages were presented and discussed. Timetables and synergies between work packages and their leaders were discovered and formalised before the end of Day 1.  

On Day 2, partners focused wholly on the research activity of the project as far as it relates to working with towards planning the regional pilots ( a core aspect of TetRRIS). While partners focused almost exclusively on their pilot regions, partners were encouraged to think about and actively contribute to linking TetRRIs first with similar H2020 projects and then with regional and national level projects.  

On the final day of the TetRRIS kick-off, partners planned and discussed communication and dissemination strategies as well as administrative and collaborative workflow matters. 

It is thanks to the good work of all the project partners that TetRRIS could kick off smoothly 100% online. Whole consortium collaboration continues in this online frame until the present day. 

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