Cross-border model from the Karlsruhe Technology Region 

Written by Gyulai Tamás

24 June 2024

The towns of Szeged and Timisoara have already been working together for several years. Therefore, it was a logical choice to include both towns as their surrounding regions as a „cross-border pilot area” in the TetRRIS project. From a practical perspective, this meant that the majority of project activities were carried out in Szeged but stakeholders from Timisoara were also engaged. 

It soon became clear from initial presentations that Karlsruhe Technology Region (KTR), having members from  and cross-border cooperation with France, that KTR would be selected as knowledge provider to Szeged and Timisoara in cross-border cooperation. Information about operational arrangements were shared via online workshops and thereafter, knowledge transfer was successfully implemented between the partner regions of the TetRRIS project. 

The cross-border aspect also became relevant when the model of a responsibility accelerator was transferred to Szeged. It was agreed that the new responsibility accelerator shall start its operations in Szeged but it will also provide service to companies from Timisoara later on. Another model from Karlsruhe is the community of practice that is being implemented as pilot action of the TetRRIS project. Szeged will also follow this model and the companies that received support from the responsibility accelerator shall be invited to join the cross-border community for RRI practice. 

Further communication toward the Territorial Innovation Platform is planned in Szeged and representatives from Timisoara will also be invited to the events by in-person or online implementation. Consequently, the pilot actions of Karlsruhe had provided a useful model to follow for the Szeged-Timisoara regions. Thus demonstrating that the exploitation of results of the TetRRIS project can be realistically expected after the project’s implementation period.  

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