Global innovation ecosystem gathering – the High-Level Forum brought the international innovation community to Tampere

Written by Lukas Kurzmann

30 May 2023
The High-Level Forum (HLF) Summit is the annual face-to-face meeting of the HLF Network – a three-day event dedicated to innovation. The HFL Summit was established in 2012 in the French city of Grenoble and is organised every two years in Grenoble, France, and alternately in one of the HLF members’ ecosystems, this invitation-only conference welcomes HLF Network delegations and special guests. Each delegation from the international ecosystems are made up of a balance of key players and decision-makers which represent the triple helix; government, higher education, research, industry and business. What they all have in common is a willingness to foster cross-sectoral relationships (public/private, start-up/large business, research/industry, etc.). The annual summit offers the innovation ecosystems a chance to interact, share knowledge and strengthen connections with experts from different fields all over the world. The respective and complementary roles of the main stakeholders of each sector are an important part of the discussion. This year’s HLF Summit took place in Tampere, Finland, in early November 2022. The 11th edition of the HLF on the theme “How local & regional innovation ecosystems support 2030 global objectives” was attended by over 120 participants from nearly 30 innovation ecosystems on 5 continents, who gathered to shape a better future. At the event, three TetRRIS partners, regional and scientific representatives, represented themselves and the TetRRIS project alongside a large number of international ecosystems. Altogether 53 speakers contributed to the design of the Summit and presented how their regions/ecosystems support the UN’s 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Speakers at the 2022 Summit in Tampere included Taiwan’s Minister for Digital Affairs Audrey Tang, former French Minister of Research and Higher Education Genevieve Fioraso, Tatsuo Igarashi, Mayor of the Japanese city of Tsukuba and Marie-Pierre Ippersiel, CEO Prima Québec in Canada. In addition, two regional and one scientific representative from the TetRRIS project were honoured to be hosting a workshop during the HLF on a very important theme of engagement, namely “How can engagement enhance responsibility?”. This workshop was co-created by two tetRRIS project pilots from Tampere and Karlsruhe, and Responsible Research and Innovation institutionalisation related Co-Change project and the Oxford ecosystem.

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