TetRRIS project results: Nurturing Responsibility and Sustainability in European Regions

Written by TetRRIs

21 April 2024

Nina Rilla, Juha Oksanen, Mika Nieminen, and Katariina Palomäki in collaboration with Ezekiela Arrizabalaga, Raúl Tabarés, Nicholas Martin, Thomas Stahlecker, Henning Kroll, Tamas Gyulai

After a 3-year journey, results have been shared from the four TetRRIS pilot region representatives ad conclusions have been collectively drown in a final Policy Brief on project results.

This policy brief specifically draws on the findings of four European regions, namely Cantabria, Karlsruhe, Tampere and Szeged-Timisoara. It introduces how regional implementation context affects development of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI), and what should be considered when introducing social and environmental values besides economic value in regional or local innovation and business ecosystems.
In the Policy recommendations section, they describe the challenges identified, elaborate these with regional perspectives and propose recommendations.

Have a look at TetRRIS outcomes by downloading the document!

Download the whole Policy Brief here.

In order to know how TetRRIS will implement RRI and Smart Specialisation Strategies (S3) concepts in the future, stay tuned on our channels in the upcoming months!

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