Open Access: Bringing science into democracy and democracy into science

Enabling easier access to scientific results is one of the pillars of Responsible Research & Innovation to ensure that any progress made no matter the field will be helpful for others research and innovating afterwards.

Considering the change of perspective towards a more technology/science-based society, the most important discoveries in recent history have been based on this fields. However, even these advances have been vital for the improvement of such important aspects as life expectancy, life quality or education access, there are several ethic and moral implications that haven’t always taken into account.

“Open access for Responsible Research and Innovation is a way to develop a connected responsibility so the different involved stakeholders are able to share their responsibility”

Valentina Amorese, Fondazione Cariplo

Considering this, creating spaces for fostering more collective forms of engagement is not only important to the access of scientific information but also a democratization of the progress being done and its consequences. Bearing this in mind, RRI aims to promote experimenting in new aggrupation of actors and reconsidering the diverse values at stake in innovation will broaden the scientific perspective and will make it more approachable.

“Open access to science is the combination of the RRI processes, making the research and results available that we want to be used in the future”

John Donovan, EARMA (European Association of Research Managers and Administrators)

In the end, RRI aims to make involvement and engagement of societal actors – researchers, innovators, civil society actors and citizens – an efficient reality that allows society as a whole achieve a brighter future. The ultimate goal is working together to co-create a general desirable society based on responsible research and innovation.

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